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Neanche cinque mesi, ed ecco risuscitare un altro faraone (musulmano questa volta)

Sono davvero solo scettici coloro che non credono all'Islam democratico?

"Mohammed Mursi had not yet completed five months as Egypt’s new president when without any reason or provocation he buried the Egyptian revolution and dealt the biggest blow so far to the Arab Spring. This confirms what the skeptics said about Islamist groups not being able to operate in a democratic manner. Mursi and his Brotherhood group have committed the same mistake as Hamas, when the latter turned against the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Hassan al-Turabi and his Islamic Front did the same in Sudan when they overthrew the only democratic government in the Arab world at that time. Before both of these examples, Ayatollah Khomeini drove away his revolutionary partners in Iran and sought to monopolize power for himself; a policy that continues to this day. All these regimes came to power in the name of fighting against dictatorships and calling for the establishment of civilian and democratic rule, but they seized power for themselves in the end."

by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed